Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Hero Project

During my recent trip to San Diego for the ISTE conference, I was invited to attend a reception put on by the organization called My Hero Project.  I knew no one when I walked in the door, but in true conference fashion was sitting and talking with people within seconds.  I spent the next two hours in conversation with Susan from Hawaii, Linda from New York and Check from Sudan.  They all explained how this project has added to and made their lives better.

Throughout my teaching career, I have chosen many different themes to help me plan, but when I think about what stands out for me  "tolerance of differences" has certainly been something I have continued to fall back to.  Having students read novels where the main character is a different religion or race than them has been a dominant theme in my ELA courses.   But really it's not the differences that connect us is it?  It's the similarities.  Being able to meet and talk with so many teachers at ISTE was an honour and pleasure.  So out with "tolerance of differences" and in with  ?????

Your suggestions are very welcome.

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