Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Ten Places I have Visited

The assignment was to blog about a "Best Ten".  We have to have three links to pictures, three links to websites and 1 link to another blog about your topic.  So as you can see I have chosen, "The Best Ten Places that I have visited".  I hope you enjoy it.

10) Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
9)  The Prime Meridian, Greenwich, England
8)  Fenway Park, Boston
7)  Tower of London, London, England
6)  Venice, Italy
5)  Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal, Quebec
4)  Ellis Island, New York City, New York
3)  Old Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec
2)  Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia
1)  The Colliseum, Rome, Italy

I have been blessed with being able to travel to all of these places.  It's been so much fun to share these trips with my family and students.  Please if you have questions feel free to ask.

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