Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day with One to One

So we rolled out the netbooks today.  They actually won't be allowed to go home until parents and students sign the agreements that we have set up for them.  This will hopefully happen on Friday after the pancake breakfast that the School Community Council and SRC have planned for us.  Paula, my principal and myself will be discussing the agreements and answering any questions that parents have at that time.  From the questions my class had this morning, I'm pretty sure many parents are being told they have to be at that breakfast.

There are still some kinks to be worked out in regards to student profiles and the handin/handout drives that have been set up.  I have explained this to all of my classes today and hopefully we see this up and running properly in the next week.  I have added folders there for my InfoPro 30 class to drop their first WORD assignments in soon.

My grade 7 and 8's did a couple things today with the netbooks.  We had a session on Twitter and used the hashtag #7and8summer11 to share our summer fun.  Then I got everyone to signup on We are going to add a picture of ourselves here each day during the year to see how much we change.  And of course we talked about some of the responsibilities that they have in regards to care and handling of the machines.

The next couple of days we will be making timetables on Excel, continuing our tweets and exploring many of the programs that can be found on the netbooks.

Things I need to learn or figure out:
1) How do I get Integer activities and practise pages onto the individual netbooks?
2) How do I get some assessment built into a google doc or other program that can be quick and easy to do during the day?

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