Sunday, March 27, 2016

Packing for Africa

We had our last meeting today for our volunteer trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa.  I had been given two extra suitcases from friends and we filled them completely with soccer balls, toothbrushes, skipping ropes, shampoos and a number of other things that we will be leaving at the care centers that we'll be visiting.  It was a determined group that made sure we didn't exceed the 23 kg weight restrictions for the airlines.

The volunteer mission will have us working with the organization Hands at Work.  This group finds the "Mother Theresa" of a community and supports her to help with the poorest of the poor in that community.  We will be supporting these care givers for 12 days in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

When we were saying our good-byes this afternoon, Raquel, our youngest volunteer at age 14, realized we wouldn't see each other until the airport in Johannesburg when the group of 7 will all meet up with each other, and we all had a brief moment.

Many people who have chosen to spend time with this kind of volunteering have told me that it has changed their lives.  Pretty high expectations!  I have pretty much been a "those who expect nothing, shall not be disappointed" kind of person most of my adult life.  How will I be affected in this journey? How will I affect others in this journey?  Stay tuned.........

All our hours of meetings and planning from the last year is coming to a close.  We are leaving in 6 days on Easter Sunday.  Time to get at it.

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