Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blog Post Challenge #1 - Favorite book - The Giver -

I have taught The Giver by Lois Lowry probably six or seven times over the last dozen years or so.  I loved it from the first time I read it.  There have certainly been mixed emotions from my students however.  Some of them love it, many think it is okay until they find out what released really means and understandably, most hate the ending and just want to know what happened!  What it always does though is make for some great conversations.

Two years ago, we were also studying Light and Vision in Science class right when we were reading this book.  The students decided that during Sameness, the rods and cones must have been removed from everyone's eyes.  That had never come up before.

We were tweeting about our performance task activities in class one day, and a grade 7 class from Illinois started to ask us questions about the book.  They even asked if they could do some of our activities as they had read the book already.  I want to try and set up a Skype session with them in January.

This time around, in December,  one of my students contacted Lois Lowry for his performance task activity.  She answered him back and he is now working on asking her questions about the book. 

Here's a list of the assignments that have been posted by my students: 

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  1. I absolutely love The Giver! I almost completed my first book blog post on this, but then decided to wait. I had done it in the past will all my eighth graders and with my recent change to 6, I read it with my Honor's classes. You're exactly right about the emotions! My kiddos hate cliff hangers - they just want a definite ending. They were in the same uproar when we read "The Landlady". Great choice!

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