Friday, October 29, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

So my students have my blog in their Readers. They know exactly how often I blog. Let me change that, they know exactly how often I don't blog. They've called me on it. "Why do we have to blog every week and you never do?" Hmmmm, cause I'm the teacher and I know how to write already, just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. So I promised them I would add to my blog soon. I read so many blogs, many on education, some on hockey, and of course all of my students'. I often leave comments on them.

I have been a reader all of my life. Fiction, non fiction, often anything I can get my hands on. But I haven't been a writer. I find blog writing difficult. I just don't know what to write about. So I'm putting it out there. I am asking for suggestions for blog topics. Please leave me my assignments for my blog writing.


  1. I like how you put out how we (theseven/eights) said that you don't blog much. What topic would you want to blog about? Well I got many ideas like: make up somthing, blog about somthingnyou like, just start bloging random, and/or just ask someone who thinks alot.

  2. You should blog about the smart board, and new technology here is a link:

  3. Why don't you blog about halloween??? or school? or what your teaching?? or when school will be over? or when we will graduate? or if your sick at home and your missing your class? or blog about your day?? or blog about cheese?
    BTW Whats are we doing in math???????

  4. Nice title :). What was your favorite book that you have read? Mine was the Stranger Next Door. It sounds scary but is not to bad.

  5. You sure are right about that mrs. Hoffman! It is hard to write, until you find a topic, then you have so many ideas you can't choose!

    Mrs. Hoffman I no wat to right a bout u shud right abut how bad our spelling is!!!


    You could write about what you do in your spare time, or Jordan's hockey, or our class.

  6. ...or you could write about this statement on Twitter "Missing student is being videoed into our Science class via ipod facetime." Or maybe about the way technology is used in your classroom - are Netbooks so 2007? BTW I do agree with you about blogging - it is hard work! But don't you like getting comments?!