Monday, June 21, 2010

My Class has learned:

This morning my grade six and seven students came up with this list for the things they've learned this year. I've also included what I and the EA have learned too.

1) 5 x 5 = 25
2) Algebra
3) What RAFTS stand for - Roles, Audience, Topic, Format, Strong Verb
4) What Twiducate is
5) What Twitter is
6) How to Tweet on Twitter
7) How to operate a SMARTboard
8) Hard and long spelling words
10) Hitler and the Holocaust
11) How to cook better food - ethnic food
12) How to recycle
13) How to make string art
14) Who is Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
15) Learned about Power
16) what is an ecosystem
17) Learned how to read an analog clock
18) Different forms of drama
19) Learned how to stay safe on a train
20) Learned how to take care of kids (babysitting licence)
21) Learned how to play sports better
22) Learned about Social Issues
23) Learned where Stettler is
24) Learned two digit divisor division
25) Learned more French words
26) Learned how to do a Heritage Project

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